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Puenkon is the reigning 115lb champion of Rajadamnern stadium. The Current Sports authority of Thailand fighter of the year — and also the current Rajadamnern stadium fighter of the year.

No, you did not mis-read all of the above. Puenkon has truly had an amazing run of form over the past eighteen months; cumulating in the Rayong based fighter achieving all of those outstanding accolades.

He beat out MuangThai from PK Saenchai gym to win the prestigious Sports authority award and in doing so topped off a fantastic 2016 that saw him go 10-0 — with all his victories taking place at the famed Rajadamnern stadium in Bangkok.

Puenkon’s final showdown of 2016 was massive rematch with the boy wonder, Gingsanglek, which also took place at the fabled Rajadamnern stadium on the final Songchai show of 2016 and again the Rayong based fighter was the victor, this time via a 4th round stoppage and in doing so, he solidified his position as the king of Rajadamnern stadium for the year 2016.

Puenkon's first foray into the ring in 2017 saw him take a hard fought points decision over bantamweight superstar, Prajanchai. He then afforded the aforementioned Prajanchai an immediate rematch on March 30th, where the PK Saenchai gym boxer inflicted the first taste of defeat on Puenkon’s lips in over fourteen months.

Puenkon quickly got back to winning ways with a somewhat easy points win over the usually formidable Kumandoi.

Puenkon’s truly impressive fight record dating back to december 2015 and up until May 2017 is:

1. December 28th - Victory via a 5th round KO over Pethevada BSJ.Sungnern at 113lbs.
2. January 27th - Victory via points over Petmuangchon Por Suantong at 112lbs.
3. March 3rd - Victory via points over Petmuangchon Por Suantong at 112lbs.
4. April 6th - Victory via points over Suriyanlek OBT-Kampi at 115lbs.
5. May 4th - Victory via points over Roychueng Joynathavi at 116lbs.
6. June 9th - Victory via points over Pajanban Sor-Joe-Vichitpidrew at 114lbs.
7. July 21st - Victory via points over Phichitchai PK Saenchai gym at 115lbs.
8. September 14th - Victory via points over Phichitchai PK Saenchai gym.
9. October 13th - Victory via points over Gingsanglek Tor Laksong at 111.5lbs.
10. November 30th - Victory via points over Kumandoy Sor Jitpakdee at 117lbs.
11. December 22nd - TKO victory over Gingsanglek Tor Laksong
12. February 8th - Victory via points over Prajanchai PK Saenchai gym
13. March 30th - Loss via points to Prajanchai PK Saenchai gym
14. May 3rd - Victory via points over Kumandoi Janvitkorsang

Tune into www.muaythaixtream.com on June 7th to witness this bonafide MuayThai superstar in action where he will clash with the long standing 115lb VIP, Wanchalong PK Saenchai gym.

The show will be broadcast live in HD, with multiple camera angles and also with English commentary.

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Update: 05-16-2017

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